Mobile phone pic of the 'Crap-Man'

Remember that weird writing near Priory Park? About 'coprophilia' and stuff like that?
Well, a reader of this blog has sent me a mobile phone picture of what they claim is the person responsible.
In their e-mail, they claimed that the person in the picture was covered entirely in toilet roll, apart from his coat of course, and looked like he was going to chase them out until they ran off.

The picture if blurry of course, they claim they noticed him before he noticed them.

Hoax? Real deal? Who knows? If you look, it does seem that the man in the picture is wearing some pretty odd clobber. So there may be some truth to all this.

Southend has a lot of bizarre homeless characters. But if there really is a guy who is dressed in bog roll, he probably ranks as the weirdest of the lot.

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