My trip to the Cat-Killer's lair!

As promised, I took a stroll to where the Cat-Killer supposedly does (Or did) his business.
According to what I've been told, it's in a disgusting backlot/car-park around Curry's in the High Street. And judging on what I saw, this seems to be pretty accurate.

On a wall were various ramblings and occult imagery. The basic point of it all was simple: Cats are evil, cats are bad, gotta' kill 'em all!

It kind of makes me wonder if there's some truth to this crazy story. Here's some pictures I took:

Angry, insane killers lurking in the nastiest areas. Yep, welcome to sunny Southend!

As well as the weird messages, you can see a pentagram in the corner and a crude sketch of a cat's face. It's kind of creepy to see THAT staring out at you.

If any other weird shit turns up, I'll be sure to report it.


Anonymous said...

my cat has actualy went missing before so this is abit scary lol :p

Anonymous said...

My dad lives in that area. He saw his neighbours cat outside his flat every morning until one day he looked out his window and saw the cat on the floor. He went outside to check if it and the cats head had been cut clean off. It couldnt have been hit by car because it was not near a road. Head was placed neatly next to the body it and looked like it had been done with an axe or very sharp knife. Could be those guys?

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