The Shit-Man's Shack

A walk around Southend can often present you with a lot of weird sites. Between the new-age protestors and their Yellow Ribbons of Doom® and the other weird characters, this town can be a pretty odd place when it wants to be.

But a walk near Priory Park showed me one of the oddest things I've seen before. Just look at this:

An abandoned car dealership and a small, desolate shack. Maybe it was an ofice once, but now it's someone's house. Someone who likes faeces, like REALLY likes faeces. Likes it so much they've written about it on the walls and made crosses out of toilet paper. The whole room is covered in perverted rambling. Who did this and what does it mean?
Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

I am officially disturbed.
'Venerate The Cesspits', wtf is this guys issue?!

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